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CTL Construction CanadaBuilding Quality Into Your Network

CTL: we have experience. we pride ourselves in both safety and quality.

We have assembled a strong team of support resources in our lead hands, equipment operator, drivers and labourers. These resources bring over 100 years experience in various construction backgrounds. Considering the company size, our depth of knowledge is considerable.

Jason Crowley,

Operations — CTL Member since 2006 Edit
Jason brings 15+ years experience in management, engineering and construction of shallow utility systems in Western Canada and the North Western United States. We can draw on Jason’s experience in various construction and contracting arrangements to find value in our offerings to our clients. Jason’s experience with EPC contracts, unit based contracts and piece work have allowed Commercial to build beneficial costing options for varying scopes of work.

Dave Wideman,

Equipment — CTL Member since 1997 Edit
Dave has spent most of his years operating and repairing equipment with Commercial Trenching. Having broken nearly everything and piecing it back together, we draw extensively on his experience as an operator and mechanic to identify problems with the equipment, keep everything in operation and well maintained. With a thorough understanding of utility construction and the field operations. Dave’s versatility from wiring repairs to steering a drill makes him a critical part of the team.

Chris Robinson,

Production — CTL Member since 2009 Edit
Chris came to CTL with a strong background in Hydrovac operations, safety and management. After putting in his time on the machines and working alongside Trevor, he was a natural fit to lead a crew when the opportunity arrived. Chris has proven his value and taken a key role in extending our capacity and maintaining our commitment to safety and quality. Recently having completed over 1500m of 9-way concrete encased ductline replacement in the downtown core of Edmonton, Chris will be back to drilling and hoping around the city until the next ductline comes together.

Trevor Downham,

Production — CTL Member since 2000 Edit
Trevor has been an important field resource and now a crew leader for better than 10 years. He worked a couple of summer seasons between downhole drilling assignments before signing on full time. He has experience building gas systems, pipelines, oilfield services, water and sewer, telecommunications and power utilities. His experience working with a downhole team lend to his leadership style and complement his construction experience.